An Everlasting Memory

Preserve the memory of your special day by having your treasured gown professionally cleaned & preserved.

  It's easy & convenient, bring us your gown, we ship it out & you can choose whether to have it shipped back to our shop or directly to you.


  • Inspected to note its condition                                                                     ~prepaid gown cleaning and preservation chest

  • Hand cleaned for stain/spot removal                                                         ~outside shipping container

  • Individually cleaned for quality control                                                    ~$500 declared value

  • Air dried for like-new luster                                                                        ~100 year certificate guarantee

  • Re-inspected for any remaining stains

  • Repaired if necessary

  • Hand pressed for high quality finish

  • Stuffed with acid free tissue

  • Shaped with a bust form

  • Layered and secured in a display box

  • Sealed in an air tight, acid free environment

  • Triple boxed for safe storage










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